Social Media:Is it What it Seems?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Social Media is perceived as a virtual world where people roam everywhere.

It could have started out that way.

However now, according to me, social media is a bizarre platform where people often get addicted.

I believe social media is a disease, which once when you get it is very difficult to get rid of.

The main concept of social media is to broadcast your daily life or showcase your milestones through the mediums of stories and posts, but these privileges have often been misused.

People use this medium of social media to hurt other people or communities by posting criticizing content against other users.

This leads us to the term 'Cyber Bullying’, which comes into play when we talk about Social Media.

Often when people post their photo(s) on social media, some users tend to criticise the same by writing hate comments or making hate accounts, etc.

This leads to a bad effect on the person’s health and acts as a negative.


I believe social media should not be overused simply for the sake of one's own sanity and peace of mind.

Additionally, one should be aware of who they're exposing their content to as there are a lot of people out there with bad intentions who could potentially be dangerous.

Not all users are as positive as you think and many hide behind a fake name just to spread negativity and hate.

According to many reports, social media usage has had a huge impact on teenagers and developing minds.

Many often get cyber bullied by simply just posting a story, or a picture of themselves, or a viewpoint that might be different from that of others.

When you are bullied online, you feel despondent and doubt your own self worth which often leads to the deterioration of your mental health.

Even a single comment on a social media post can lead to self doubt and toxicity, which ultimately leads to poor mental health and insecurities.

Social Media is an ocean of activities, where you can step in as you like but if you go too deep, your daily life and mental could be affected to a great extent.


Kabir Singh Ahuja

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