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The Power We Have

Updated: May 21, 2021

It is hard. Its hard to keep thinking that there will come a day when all this will remain only a memory. That coronavirus may end. That is what everyone thought. Before it came again, grabbed us by the collar and threw us against the wall. Did we feel pain? Yes. Yes, we did. But now, people are not sad about it anymore. They are angry. That anger is their grief and after anger comes blame. Blame on others for not wearing masks, blame on the government for corruption, disease and for death. Blame on the prime minister for being simply a watcher and nothing more. Blame on our own selves, for being helpless…helpless in these terrible terrible times.

Instagram stories are now platforms for contacts for oxygen cylinders and hospital beds, and I realise the importance social media holds, but it gets so repetitive and hostile that I am sick of it and I am tired of watching people die. In no way am I disregarding the work that people put into helping others, it is truly an act of charity and I am grateful for it, I am just simply stating the truth of our exhausted mind. I am tired of hearing things like- “they've gotten covid” “her grandfather passed away”, “we can't find a hospital”, “she's critical”, “more deaths today”, “its spreading so fast”, “they were too late”, “When will this end?”

What did you feel reading that? what does covid-19 make you feel? The monotony of everyday is something that takes a heavy toll on our mind. I find myself whiling away hours on end and not even realising when the day passed by. Doesn’t it irritate you? Don’t you find yourself feeling low and not having the energy to even just get out of bed or do something productive? Well what difference does it make anyways right? We are all bound to reach the same place… (please note the sarcasm)

No one knows what is going to happen, but we must make the most out of a bad situation, one like this. I believe people need the right mindset to truly work on their feelings about this pandemic, our Country, and the world. Emotions are a force that we cannot control. The most basic part of a human is their ability to feel; feel sad, or happy or angry. But do you know what we can control? What we do about it. If you want to feel sad and you have no intention of bringing yourself up, then that is what you will feel, because no effort results to no change. And what if you wanted to be happy? That’s a whole different set up.

A lot of my friends have told me that they feel they are going through depression. And I have heard so many other people telling them not to overreact and saying things like “its not that big a deal”, “it happens to everyone”. That is most definitely not okay. I agree to the fact that it is happening to a lot of people but that does not make their problems or worries any less significant. Everyone has different lives, and like that, they have different battles to fight. If you are someone on the listening end of a confession, please, do not belittle any problem. Our metal health is as important as any other issue out there.

That said, dealing with depression is not something that you have to simply go along with. You must make a constant effort to pull yourself back up, and if you don’t, then you need to ask someone else to help you do that. It is crucial that you bring attention to what you need and change the way your mind is feeling.


Now I’m no doctor sitting here telling you things like this, but I believe in every single thing I said, and I thought if sharing it might make a difference in even just 5 minutes of your day, then so be it. Can you imagine if that was our motive? On social media, if people posted to bring positivity for that moment in the least, then would it not bring your spirit up even a teensy bit? I believe along with helping others through forums I mentioned earlier, this is also something we should do. Believe in the idea that you can be a little bit happier and that things that you do matter.

That is what I’d like to say. You impact your emotions as much as any other problem in your life, and you must be aware of the power you hold over yourself. So next time you’re feeling low, play the saddest music on your playlist and cry your heart out, then go wash your face, get a packet of chips and dance to your favourite song, I promise, things will get better.

-Anahita Singh


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